Mead Valley Wellness Village – Mead Valley, CA

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Mead Valley Wellness Village – Mead Valley, CA

Transcending Conventional Norms of Healthcare

This unprecedented, 445,000 SF Behavioral Health project will transform healthcare by seamlessly integrating behavioral health treatment with medical care and social services. Slated for completion in 2026, the Village will feature a crisis residential behavioral health center for children and a Children’s Mental Health Urgent Care – both a first in Riverside County. The facilities will address a critical gap in local healthcare services. For more information,


445,000 SF, Behavioral Health Wellness Village


A public-private partnership, the project embodies a pioneering approach by combining medical care, behavioral health, and community support into a single cohesive environment.


On-campus facilities and programs include: Restorative Care (Mental Health Rehabilitation Center and Adult Residential Facility), Recovery Center (Adult and Youth Behavioral Health Urgent Care, Sobering Center, Crisis Residential Treatment, Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Detox), Youth and Family Care (Youth and Family Outpatient Care, Children’s Crisis Residential, Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program), Wellness and Education Center (Intensive Outpatient Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Programs, Perinatal Specialized Programs, Adult and Mature Adult Mental Health Services, Peer Resource Center, New Life Program, Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Services, Primary Care, Dentistry, Imaging, Pharmacy), The Residences (Recovery Residences, Supportive Transitional Housing)


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