Demystifying Real Estate Public Private Partnerships

Demystifying Real Estate Public-Private Partnerships

What is a Public-Private Partnership (P3)?

Simply put, P3s are a contractual partnership allowing the controls to remain with the institution while offloading the risks to the private sector.

More specifically, P3s are designed to combine the strengths of both the public and private sectors. A P3 builds on the expertise of each partner to develop or improve facilities and services needed by the public, through the appropriate allocation of resources, risks, rewards and responsibilities. Accordingly, a P3 allows the public and private sectors to come together for the benefit of the public institution’s stakeholders.

PMB can deliver a P3 structure that can expand your brand and reputation, increase clinical revenues and enhance your research, education and care delivery mission. Click here to learn more: Demystifying Real Estate Public Private Partnerships.

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