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Mark Toothacre Celebration - PMBLLC

Mark Toothacre, President of PMB, Celebrates His 30th Anniversary

Friday we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our President, Mark Toothacre. An all-around sports enthusiast and avid surfer, he shared stories of his surfing adventures with a highlight of surfing with Jimmy Buffet in Fiji! Anyone who knows Mark knows he is a huge fan of the Boss (Bruce Springsteen) and we learned of some of his other favorite concerts, including a recent show by Bob Seger at the Hollywood Bowl. We reminisced about his early (and very brief) jobs before PMB and discussed what might lie in his future. Mark looks forward to many more successful years at PMB and hopefully some coaching of his 2 grandkids. When asked “with so many successes, how do you handle difficult situations”, Mark replied, “….you just put your head down and do what you can. Little by little, try to make a difference. That’s how we dealt with the recession and not being able to visualize a better future. You just have to keep pushing forward.”

It was on March 1, 1989 that Mark joined PMB. He has served in many capacities including Project Manager, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and for the past 12 years as President. As Jake Rohe, Partner and SVP Development, explained, “Mark has created a phenomenal culture here at PMB. It’s not a job or a career but a place that we all look forward to coming to everyday because we get to work with incredible people and do amazing projects together.”

Mark, thank you for being not only an incredible leader but also an amazing human. Your kindness, generosity and fun spirit creates an incredible work environment and we’re all lucky to call you our colleague